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A Must-Have Tool That Will...

'Turbo-Charge' Your Income While Saving You HOURS Of Your Time EVERY DAY!

Website Designers, PLR Creators, PDF and E-Book Authors, Blog Curators, Social Media Managers, PPC Advertisers, Product Creators, Kindle Publishers, List builders, Offliners...

We ALL use images…

Whether in a blog post, a Facebook Share, for a PPC or Facebook Ad, for creating a banner, an ebook, for use in a sales letter, or in website or fan page design...

Internet Marketers Use Images All The Time!

Images are a life-blood-stream of the Web.

Now the all-in one complete image sourcing, saving, posting and viral bookmarking tool will not only find you whatever free-to-use images you need - for any area of IM at the push of a button...

Viral Image Curator Pro Single-User Edition
Viral Image Curator Pro Developer Edition will also throw huge quantities of viral traffic in as well!

Generate Hundreds Of Thousands Of Viral Hits…
Thousands Of FaceBook Shares… and Tweets…
Protect Yourself From Copyright Claims…
Use A Full Blown WYSIWYG Editor
To Post To Any and All of
Your Blogs from One Interface…
Boost the Rankings of Your Curated or SEO Sites...

- All That With Just A Couple Of Clicks

… And That’s Just Scratching The Surface!

Originally Posted by Jerry Nielsen “John and Hugh, Many thanks for the hours of time you have saved me with ICC Pro! I am very much looking forward to using VIC Pro to do the same. Hugh, your software is really well designed, powerful and easy to use. Oh, and the price is unbeatable as always. For anyone who is hesitating, this is a no-brainer! If in doubt, get the [trial] version, then upgrade when you see how powerful a tool you've gotten. Jerry”

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer or Content Creator, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words! And that’s why no matter what area of Internet Marketing is your cup of tea, using images is fundamental to what we do as Internet Marketers. Visually rich internet content is essential for branding and good looking design, for attracting attention, for keeping bounce rate low (essential for ranking on Page 1 of Google), and for Social Marketing, especially Viral Social traffic. Right now, much of the internet is about quick bites of infotainment.

Image Rich Content is Your Ticket to Success -

with Viral Image Curator Pro!

Viral Image Curator Pro Single-User Edition
Viral Image Curator Pro Developer Edition

It doesn’t matter what you do. From SEO guys who use images to generate social signals

…and that's one of the most important factors for Google Page 1 Rankings today!

…to Social Media wizards who generate…

thousands of Shares and Likes in just hours…

…list builders, product creators and everyone else…

If you want more traffic, improved conversions, more sales…


…You will be using images, it’s as simple as that!


“Want Proof? Here’s Just One Example


Huge Viral Traffic from Easy Sharing of Images


Simple Images of (for example) German Shepherd Puppies Get Literally Thousands Of FB Shares!


Pages With Images Convert TONS Better And Retain Your Visitors Longer!


And what About the Massive Popularity of Sites Like 9gag And

Take the “German Shepherd Dog Community” on Facebook. I just checked and the last picture they posted (of a silly dog, saying "I’m Beautiful. Like If You Agree") currently has 62,496 likes, 3,005 shares and 695 comments! Think about what that sort of traffic could do for you!

With a Tool that makes it easier and quicker to find and use images... will easily find yourself using more and more images in your marketing...


...which will in turn give you more. traffic, better creatives and designs...



Countless studies have proven that having an image in your blog post improves the bounce rate (meaning your visitors stick around longer) and that featuring a relevant image makes them buy more. More traffic and better conversions thanks to images!

If You are in any Doubt about the power of Images...

WF-Composite-3-small Sold in 2007(!!!) for 2 Million Dollars

That was 2007! Think about how much it is worth now!!!

"Do You Know That There’s Just


ONE Reason Why A Lot Of Marketers Use Images


Less Than They Should?"

It’s not like they don’t WANT the results. And it’s not like they don’t know the power of using images... It’s just that… up until now, finding and using license-free images on your site was a MAJOR pain in the butt. Do you have HOURS to spare - each day - if you want to spice up your marketing with relevant, free-to-use images? Think about it. "What do you do right now if you want to insert an image on your blog? God forbid, you want it captioned and resized, too?" If you are anything like me before I created this software, it goes a bit like this... What NOT to do.

  • 1. You go to your favorite image source and search for a relevant image.
  • 2. You find nothing there you can use so you close that tab and go to another source. Then another.
  • 3. You right click, save as… and save it to your local disk.
  • 4. You find it has a watermark on it and decide to start again at step 1.
  • 5. Eventually, you find one that, maybe, you can use (You pray it’s really royalty-free - after all, you don’t want to lose your site and income!)
  • 6. You fire up a huge (obviously, licenced) graphic software suite and start resizing, cropping and captioning the image
  • 7. You save the changes
  • 8. You open your FTP program or log in to WP-Admin and upload the image to your site
  • 9. You save the permalink somewhere so that you could use the image somewhere you want (and hope you’ll remember where you put it!).
  • 10. ... repeat this ad nauseum
  • 11. Forget how your kids look like, forget your anniversary and get in all sorts of trouble just because you don’t have time anymore for anything...
"Don’t You Think There HAS To Be A Better Way?"...

From the creators of Instant Content Curator Pro (6,000+ Copies Sold On WarriorForum), ICC Express and Viral Video Curator Pro, INTRODUCING

Viral Image Curator Pro

Viral Image Curator Pro Single-User Edition
Viral Image Curator Pro Developer Edition

Experience A Traffic Snowstorm That Will Bring You A FLOOD Of Cash!

And Find, Save, and Use License-Free Images For All Your IM Needs At The Push Of A Button…

FINALLY, Update ALL Your Sites and Projects With Traffic Pulling Images, Post Images On Facebook Make Beautiful Posts on All Your Blogs from the One Interface Bookmark to Facebook And Twitter for Thousands Of Shares And Likes Virally Spice Up Your Squeeze And Sales Pages ... And More With A Couple Of Clicks Of Your Mouse!


Originally Posted by Peter S “Hi Hugh, Awesome! The wait was more than worth it, Super Quality!! Traffic and Conversions are just around the corner with VIC Pro. Did I mention the Bonuses, the 3 Bonuses are your tools for success, if you take action. Excellent product…bargain pricing... it's a steal...


Originally Posted by MisterE “Warriors, This is one of the slickest programs that you will ever have the opportunity to use and own. I absolutely love this program and am sure you will too. Enjoy! -Mark


Thing is… with Viral Image Curator Pro, you will be able to take the time you currently spend updating ONE site or managing ONE viral FaceBook page (or whatever else you do) and SLASH it dramatically. As a result, you’ll have time for TEN more projects. All other things being equal…

That means TEN times more profit, right?

Check out the awesome features of Viral Image Curator Pro!

• Access More Images Than Anywhere Else - 11 Built In Sources Of free-to-use (legal) images
• Get A Permalink Automatically
• Images Instantly Suited For Any Purpose - Built In Resize, Caption, Upload To Blog
• Get Your Image Tweeted For Traffic And Social SEO Signals: Built In Twitter Share with shortening!
• Viral Traffic Storm Incoming: Built In Facebook Share (Profile AND Fan Pages!)
• Stay Safe: One Click Copyright Compliance Research
• FANTASTIC Support And Stability (See Feedback On Instant Content Curator!)
• One-Click Save To hard disc on your PC or Mac
• Get Massive Traffic - Create VIRAL Memes In Few Clicks
• ... And More!

Want one more good reason to get this NOW…?

“How NOT Having Viral Image Curator Pro DESTROYED My $1,000/Day Income Stream In One Fell Swoop!”

We all need free to use images, we need them quickly and we need to be able to edit them easily. But it can be a huge pain, and often expensive to find and buy rights to the right image. So I ended up using some images I found in Google without permission - which got me into deep trouble. I had a successful offer (that was generating literally well over $1,000 a day)... SHUT DOWN because I had infringed copyright on images I was using. Can you see the potential damage if you just grab an image off Google Images?

You could have your income stream shut down overnight - just like I had.

“If You Want To Crush It Today… This Is How”

Okay, so we all know that we use images all the time… And we need to do it legally…

But if you, like me, are TIRED of spending hours and hours looking for images for your business…

…if you, like me, are TIRED of trying to generate traffic and social signals..

…You’ll LOVE Viral Image Curator Pro!

Viral Image Curator Pro Single-User Edition
Viral Image Curator Pro Developer Edition

Oh, and by the way…

As if that wasn't enough - just look at these bonuses!

We want to give you everything you need. Literally.

If you decide to exercise your option for a developers license, you can curate unlimited blogs.

There's nothing else you need. We've got it all here as bonuses!

Bonus 1: How to Setup Your WordPress Sites Just Right! (Value $27)

There are so many options with WordPress. So many plugins, so much to choose from. How do you know what to choose?

Hugh's guide shows you EXACTLY how HE sets up his sites for MAXIMUM effectiveness!

No extra charge for the video course or any rubbish like that! It's all included!

Bonus 2: Hugh's Favourite Free WordPress Themes that use a Post “Featured Image” (Value $27)

Viral Image Curator Pro makes beautiful full featured posts easy. One of the best features of modern themes, which dovetails perfectly with VICPro, is the Featured Image functionality of some themes.

In this guide, Hugh will show you exactly which ones he likes and which work BEST with Viral Image Curator Pro.

Bonus 3: Viral Image Curator Domination! A Full, Free, video-based training series - No Pitch - to Help You Get the best out of Viral Image Curator Pro! (Value $97)

In this free, no-pitch video series, we will coach you in any and all areas of Viral Image Curator Pro, how to get the most out of it and how to use it with incredibly powerful effect!

A video coaching series like this would normally cost you $97 or more - yours free, included with your trial software!

So with this special DISCOUNT OFFER -

ANYONE Can Afford To Get Their Hands On This POWERFUL, UNIQUE Tool

To make this super easy for anyone that wants to purchase a licensed copy of VIC Pro, we have arranged for two different license levels. Simply pick the level that's right for you and click the buy button beneath it. After placing your order you will receive immediate access to download the product and also to gain entry to our fully-stocked members area.

Viral Image Curator Pro Single-User Edition
Viral Image Curator Pro Developer Edition


You have everything required for this. So all you have to do is register with your name and email address, and you'll be able to download your copy instantly and start generating traffic minutes from now!

Some final thoughts…

Viral Image Curator Pro can source free-to-use images from sources comprising literally 10s of millions of images.


It will let you manage saving those images, editing them, and posting to 5 blogs, a Facebook account and a Twitter account, all with integration, and do it better, in the time it would take you to post to 1 blog manually…

As Leigha, one of our customers on last night's webinar put it:

Quote: “It really is a piece of software that will earn a spot on my taskbar. I'd use this everyday for something.”
Think about how much time it takes you now to find ONE image that you can use without worrying about copyright, then resize it, then caption it, then upload it and so on. It’s AT LEAST 20 minutes per image… if you’re like me.

With Viral Image Curator Pro… It takes 28 seconds. (Yep, I did measure it.)

20 minutes PER image vs 28 seconds… I’ll take the latter, thank you very much.

This tool will literally save you HOURS per day - and skyrocket your traffic and income!

How much is an hour of your work worth? Two hours? This tool has the potential of saving you DAYS each month - that you can spend doing whatever you like. Hang out with people you care about. Play World of Warcraft. Look at funny images on 9gag. All that for the cost of a sandwich and a cup of coffee! Is that a bargain or what?

  • • Save hours of your time by hitting 11 image sources in a couple of clicks
  • • Make sure you stay safe with one click copyright research
  • • Instantly post to your blog (WYSIWYG supported)
  • • Facebook, Twitter, Scribd Support
  • • Powerful Bonuses!
  • ... and all the other goodies we talked about!

Click the buy button now to gets started with immediate access to the software download and the members' area for hours and hours of video training!

Viral Image Curator Pro Single-User Edition
Viral Image Curator Pro Developer Edition


All the very best of success to you,

Hugh J. Hitchcock


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